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Never Bottle Up Your Emotions

Never bottle up your emotions.

Anthony is a 23-year-old angry man. He has much negative feelings and thoughts that escalate each day.

Often, he externalizes them. In ways that are destructive to himself and others. He rages.

He beats people up, such as his older sister. He drowns himself in alcohol and drugs. He hurts women in casual sex encounters. He vandalizes the family home. He taunts and challenges policemen.

Anthony is one sad case of bottled up emotions. The weight of his past (abandoned child, violent father, divorced parents) weighs heavily on his shoulders.

His psychological wound remains unmetabolized as evidenced by his bottled up emotions.

Have you yourself struggled with bottled up emotions?

Now that you’re older, it’s time to address and heal them!

Award-winning psychiatrist Dr. Katherine Mayfield speaks of “emotion release.” She said that it’s essential to move on, especially from abusive childhood experiences.

She writes,

“The more you can release your pent-up feelings, the more of the past you’ll clear away. Go to a sad movie and cry buckets, or whack a bed with a plastic bat – whatever works for you. Releasing emotions releases energy, which you can then use to create a more authentic life.”

Psychotherapy is a very safe place to release bottled up emotions that produce mental disorders.

Its process facilitates a number of healthy ways to heal pained emotions, such as:

* reframe story and perspective 
* practice mindfulness and relaxation
* defuse anger with humor, etc
* sort out buried emotions that poison and let go of them 
* learn ways for deeper awareness, expression, resolution, and prevention

Never bottle up your emotions. Let go and fly!


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