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Love and Forgive Your Child

My child, I will never leave you
Even if you have wronged me
My love for you will never change
Despite the sorrow and pain I feel

I know we are not perfect
And we have made mistakes in our lives
But instead of turning your back on me
It’s time to embrace me

I am ready to listen to your stories
And I am ready to give advice and guidance
I will not leave you on the path of life
And I will not abandon you in your sorrows

My child, I may not be perfect
But my love for you is genuine and true
So don’t worry about the mistakes
Because I am here, ready to calm and give strength

Each day, I will continue to pray
That the Almighty will guide you
And every hour, I will continue to love
And be ready to provide support for your needs

My child, I love you
And I will never let go
Even if there are mistakes and weaknesses
My love will continue to flow for you wholeheartedly and unconditionally.

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