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Don’t Let Past Baggages Control You

If you want to have peace and joy, don’t let past baggages control  you.

Past baggages so easily complicate the present. It appears so true in the lives of almost all of us.

Many people have lingering psychological baggages. Wounds. Unresolved issues.

And they’re often in the form of their allowing what happened in the past to control their present and their future. 

It’s a hard climb for Noel to let go of his hidden bitterness and resentment towards his father.

His mother had an extramarital affair until she died. The thing was, he was lied to and brainwashed by his mother about his father.

So after Noel got his first job out of college, he immediately wrote off his father and cut communication with him.

His past baggage, mostly of unprocessed and unstable data, eventually affected his personal well being, his job, and his romantic attachments.

Recently, Noel got hospitalized due to alcohol and an overdose on prescription drugs. He found himself lost and confused about what’s happening to him and where it can be traceable.

The lesson Noel needed to learn followed him. And it will continue to do so until he fulfills his part of the bargain for resolution.

Therapist and author Karen Casey writes,

“Not giving up the past means we are chained to a time and a place that simply have nothing else to teach us. Being held hostage to anyone’s past prevents us from offering to our fellow travelers what they have joined us to learn today.“

Don’t let past baggages control you – your present and your future. 

There is only NOW.

You may be alive when the future arrives. But you can only live one present moment at a time.

Getting your mind around that truth releases you to feel the peace and joy that awaits you in each moment.

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