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Are You Still Making Excuses?

Are you still making excuses?

  Life wants you to evolve. 
  Escape destruction. 
  Heal. Grow. 
  Live fully and joyfully.
  But you stand in the way. 
  You make excuses. 
  You build walls. 
  You create barriers in your mind against the truth.
   If you truly want to do good, there’s virtually no excuse not to.
   But the heart is deceitful above all things, as Jeremiah put it.
   Confused, you may always talk yourself out of it.
   Sometimes that’s the way which happens first before change begins.
   To resist doing what’s good and right for 5, 10, or 20 years ... wasting time ...
   ... until finally there is no choice.
   Don’t waste your life.

According to mental health clinicians and experts, here are steps to stop making excuses:

  • stop blaming others or finger-pointing for your mistakes and wrongdoing
  • own your offense/sin and take responsibility
  • avoid comparing yourself to others
  • let go of fear of unknown
  • set realistic, attainable goals
  • take significant courses of corrective action
  • don’t focus on your weaknesses
  • accept yourself for being imperfect and human
  • don’t miss learning from your mistakes
  • access God’s grace and strength to overcome your challenges
  • believe in and visualize your success

Are you still making excuses?

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