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Are You A KSP?

It will crush you!
KSP KA BA? Kulang sa pansin?
So anxious about what people say
About how you look, what you own?
If not approved by man, you feel so bad.
Are you “caught up” in being seen?
Prep work.
Always trying to prove something.
To be noticed and feel wanted.
Whether consciously or unconsciously.
Some call it image management.
A common mental health issue.
Not just spiritual.
Looking to fill the emptiness
The insecurity or need for love
From outside.
What if all those things you do.
To be noticed, wanted, and accepted.
Are not needed anymore?
What if your value or worth.
Is no longer at stake?
That you’re at deep peace in your soul
Because you don’t allow anymore
For people to control your thoughts and emotions?
What if you so feel the love and approval of the One who created you
That you never need to be noticed
Or prove something to anyone again?
The only thing that matters is what God thinks about you.
You are loved, wanted, approved.
Just for who you are in Christ.
Heal you fear of man.

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