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A Mother’s Love

My mother turns 88 today, February 10th.
My Mom still remembers her bday.
Even the exact year if you ask her.
She still smiles.
Says funny things, even in bed!
Life goes on.
I sense she always feels young at heart.
Enjoying her self.
Throughout her life, she demonstrates
How much she truly cares for us
In the best ways she knows.
Despite my rebellious youth
Or angry silent years
She waits, tenderly.
I couldn’t have come this far
Without her smile, love and patience.
I wish her God’s joy, happiness,
And more smiling years
To celebrate what true life really is.
Above and under the sun.

Happy birthday my dear Mader!
Love, kisses, and prayers, your handsome prodigal son, Angelo

“A mother’s love liberates.”
— Maya Angelou

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