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Enter My Four Loves

4 loves –
Bible. Psychology. Writing. Chess.

All channels used by God in His
Redemptive mission for mankind.

Where souls hear His Word.
Get saved, healed, and taught.

I’m especially fortunate for this.
Doing it for years and years now.

There is rarely a day that goes by
That I am not grateful for meaningful work.

My life is especially honored
With eternal purpose and grace.

Work that continues to live
In the minds and hearts of people.

Those I have helped and touched
In my sessions, teachings,and writings.

The rewards of changed and healed lives
Are simply beautiful, deep joys.

I’m not meant to live on earth permanently.
Like all humans, I’m only passing through.

I live in gratitude for exciting days ahead even in my age.

Useful living for Him till He finally
Takes me home to life everlasting.
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