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Do You Want To Get Rich?

When I was a boy, I always took long walks.
General Luna Street. And, beyond.
In poblacion Makati, where I was raised.
Walking distance surrounding us
Were rich villages, such as Bel-Air Village and Dasmarinas Village.
I thought of people living there.
I thought they live the easiest life.
Now when I think of rich people,
I think of some people I meet.
They’re not afraid to climb the mountains of life.
They take the time to watch the sun rise into the blue skies.
They know that those who trust, triumph.
That those who last, laugh.
That those who change, grow.
That those who weather the storm do so because their roots are deep into the soil.
They love God and their neighbor.
They know what matters forever.
These are the real richest people, anywhere.
Photo: Subida, Kidapawan City

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