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Birthdays and Time Travel

♥️ Birthdays and Time Travel: The Travel Is Short.

Today, I’m given another divine extension.
For “time travel.”

You and I, we are all “time travelers.”
Time travel creates life lessons for us.

Here are some from my own trip.

When someone devalues or rages at me,
I choose to relax, the travel is short.

Someone betrays or breaks my heart?
I choose to forgive, stay calm and relaxed, the travel is short.

Someone bullies, cheats, intimidates, or takes advantage of me?
I choose to be relaxed, respectful, kind, and forgiving, the travel is short. ♥️

How I learned not to dwell or obsess over trivial and small things, our travel is so short.

If I’ve done something that hurt you, please forgive me. If you’ve done something that hurt me, I already forgive you. Our travel is so short.

To pollute our short travel with quarrels, bitterness, depression, anxiety, critical attitude, or ingratitude is wasting of precious time and fuel. Our travel is short. ♥️

Childhood and youth are fleeting.
No one knows the duration of our time travel.
♥️ Only One knows when it will stop.
Our travel is so short.

One time, I watched a little boat serenely traversing a peaceful sea on sunset.
I responded with a smile. ♥️

The beautiful scene brought memories of my own time travel over the years.

God ♥️ is so good and faithful in my life – both in good and bad times. I was never alone.

I cherish every moment of it with thankfulness, peace, and joy. ♥️

♥️ After all, our time travel together is so short.

Our real best life goes beyond this temporary time travel on earth.

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