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Heal By Loving Yourself Unconditionally

Heal by loving yourself unconditionally. Baron has a bad habit. He’s used to distancing himself from people. Whether relatives or friends, he keeps all of them at arm’s length. “I guess I’m afraid of getting hurt again,” he remarked during a Skype therapy session. He knows he needs people in his life. Yet there’s a… Continue reading Heal By Loving Yourself Unconditionally

Live One Day At A Time

Live one day at a time. Take each day as it comes. Have you lost your job?Are you in deep debts?Do you grieve over the breakup of your marriage or relationship?Has your adult child betrayed or rejected you?Are you sick and bedridden? Whatever your loss, even if it’s severe or seems hopeless, remember this simple… Continue reading Live One Day At A Time

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Stay Right When You’re Wronged

Here’s a best principle to abide by: Stay right when you’re wronged. A man told me over a Zoom session, “We were married for 15 years and she came home one day telling me that she’s having an affair with a foreigner. Shortly, she falsified documents to remarry. 10 years of the affair, she died… Continue reading Stay Right When You’re Wronged

Born Naked And Die Naked

Born naked and die naked. It’s the lot of every human creature. All of us, 100 out 100! What does billionaire Manny Villar and Tondo squatter dweller Pedro have in common? Both were born naked. Both will die naked.     All of life, the world forces us the illusion to focus on externals for your… Continue reading Born Naked And Die Naked

Do Not Idolize Your Child

Do not idolize your child. Or, your relationship with him/her. “My children reject me. They’re not responding to my calls and messages. They’ve been siding with their Mom and her wealthy affair partner. It pains me how much they’re being unfair to me. I did the best I could to reach out to them,” recounted… Continue reading Do Not Idolize Your Child

Get Over Your Mistakes

Get over your mistakes. “I’ve ‘karma’ anxiety, doc! My past extra-marital affair still haunts me and my present relationship,” Rico shared during our Zoom session. It’s a mistake Rico made 10 years ago! It continues to affect him and his daily functioning. He still beats himself up with it. At a recent 2022 Oscars awards… Continue reading Get Over Your Mistakes

Is Parenting Fair?

Is parenting fair? One mother once shared her hurt, “I do and do and do for my adult kids. I sacrificed a lot so I can feed and send them to school. Yet when I got sick, they ignored me and didn’t help me. When are they going to be grateful?” It’s a different picture… Continue reading Is Parenting Fair?

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Do A Relationship Health Check-Up

Do a relationship health check-up. Relationships are essential to mental health. They’ve to be nourished or they wilt and die eventually. It’s true whatever is the type of the relationship – between spouses, parents and children, friends, co-workers etc. Relationships suffer when they fail to “evolve.” Which is a basic part of its nourishment and… Continue reading Do A Relationship Health Check-Up

Is Life Just A Means to Make Money?

Is life just a means to make money and become “someone?” Think of how the world operates and teaches us, both explicitly and implicitly. Two major illusory “goods” promoted by the world to absolutely spend your life on — make money, be “someone.” In 2017, Karen died at 43, with double cancer. Before her death,… Continue reading Is Life Just A Means to Make Money?

Have The Right Perspective

Have the right perspective to heal you. Psychopathology is based on a wrong perspective of reality. The wrong perspective creates bad consequences to one’s life. Often wounded emotions are involved in clouding or falsifying one’s view of reality. Mina, for instance, shouted “You’re my Dad!” to her husband when he’s not. Mina lived within her… Continue reading Have The Right Perspective

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