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Find Purpose In The Pain

Find purpose in the pain. I once heard the Pope praying that he dies quickly when it’s his time without the pain. “I’m not very good at pain,” he’d admit. In my psychotherapy work, people hate pain. The pain of their emotional wounds. Their trauma in life. “I feel a lot of pain. Cant sleep.… Continue reading Find Purpose In The Pain

Take Failure in Stride

To press on in life, the ability to “take failure in stride” is a major psychological tool. Healing in psychotherapy is an evolution. It’s based on a person’s natural progression. You’d have to appropriate leisure and fun along the way to better your self. To rest up, from life’s challenges and crises. That very much… Continue reading Take Failure in Stride

Surrendered Place: Are You There?

Surrendered Place: are you there? No matter what you’re going through right now, if you want to get well, consider the “Surrendered Place.” Bo Sanchez, one of my favorite inspirational authors and speakers, got Covid.  He’s still home quarantining and recovering since over 20+ days ago, as I write this post. He shared about going… Continue reading Surrendered Place: Are You There?

Therapy Is An Evolution

Remember this: therapy is an evolution. Very much like many other essential aspects of life. Andrew, a teen patient beginning his therapy, cried during our Skype session. “Last night, I just got bored and went to that site again. I’m losing hope. I can’t control my craving and urge, so I keep slipping. I feel… Continue reading Therapy Is An Evolution

All We Are Is Dust In The Wind

“All we are is dust in the wind.” Once said a Kansas’ band popular song “Dust in the Wind:” “I close my eyesOnly for a moment, and the moment’s goneAll my dreamsPass before my eyes, a curiosityDust in the windAll they are is dust in the windSame old songJust a drop of water in an… Continue reading All We Are Is Dust In The Wind

There Will Be Hard Days

There will be hard days. But they won’t last forever. Such as these difficult 2020 and 2021 years of the ongoing Covid pandemic.  This too shall pass. In the meantime, as the world changes, people change. Many of life’s deepest lessons and realizations that rush upon us these trying times are simply not attainable during… Continue reading There Will Be Hard Days

Resist Addictive Cravings

Addicts need strategies to resist addictive cravings. Without it, relapses are bound to get out of control. Ray was a porn and sex addict. When he started therapy, he essentially had no strategies in place to manage his addiction. For instance, the matter of “decoding feelings.”  Ray’s sex is about addiction, not about healthy sexuality.… Continue reading Resist Addictive Cravings

You Are A Whole Person

You are a whole person. Every human being is composed of four essential parts: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. No one is whole or complete without all of them. This therapeutic insight is most commonly neglected by secular medical doctors, psychologists, counselors, and educators today. It’s tragic. In our culture, media, and educational systems, we’re… Continue reading You Are A Whole Person

How People Really Change

Within the self is where you witness how people really change. Every one of us can change for the better. Every day is a day of opportunity for that to happen. As Leo Tolstoy said, “True life is lived when tiny changes occur.” You look in the mirror. Take stock of your self.  Ask: “Who… Continue reading How People Really Change

How Do You Deal With Toxic Behaviors?

How do you deal with toxic behaviors? Henry has a sister with a bad mouth. She criticizes, judges, and puts people down. Henry visits his bedridden 85-year-old Mom. His Mom lives with his sister who mistreats and lashes out at her daily. How does Henry deal with the toxic behaviors of his sister? This is… Continue reading How Do You Deal With Toxic Behaviors?

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