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MOPPh’s Self Therapy video/audio courses are comprised of very informative, insight-rich, and practical-oriented 2-3 minute topic-based individual video/audio clips. They’re all easily and instantly downloadable.

These self therapy video courses are dynamically integrated into Dr. Subida’s psychotherapy and counseling sessions.

In case you want a separate personal copy of all or your preferred topical individual course, feel free to request for details on how you can receive them by texting +63 919.001.3197 or sending an email to:

  • Video/Audio Course: SELF TALK

The Science Behind Positive Self Talk 

4 Steps To Change Your Self Talk To Be Your Ally

3 Ways Mindfulness Tames Negative Self Talk

3 Steps to Boosting Your Confidence by Changing Your Self Talk

4 Unique Techniques for Changing Your Self Talk

4 Ways to Include Positive Self Talk in Your Life

4 Tips for Keeping Your Self Talk Positive on a Daily Basis

5 Types of Negative Self Talk and How To Stop Them

5 Practical Steps to Improving Your Life with Positive Self Talk

8 Ways to Train Your Brain to Switch to Positive Self Talk

  • Video/Audio Course: FOCUS

4 Habits To Help You Focus Better

4 Things You Should Be Focusing On Every Day

4 Brain Boosts for Better Focus

5 Boosts That Will Improve Focus and Productivity at Work

5 Creative Ways To Build Better Focus

5 Exercises To Improve Focus

5 Things You Should Be Doing To Improve Focus at Work

5 Tips to Eliminate to Gain Better Focus

6 Tricks to Gain Lost Focus

9 Things You Should Be Eating For Better Focus

  • Video/Audio Course: CONFIDENCE BOOSTING

3 Truths About Reclaiming Confidence You Need To Know Right Now

6 Ways to Reclaim Confidence After Losing It

4 Things You Need To Be Doing Now to Reclaim Lost Confidence

5 Steps to Fix Confidence Quickly

8 Tips for Reclaiming Lost Confidence Quickly

5 Things to Reclaim Your Confidence When It Has Taken A Blow

7 Secrets to Reclaiming Confidence That Successful People Know

7 Small Ideas To Reclaim Confidence in Big Ways

7 Things You Can Do To Boost Your Confidence Right Now

8 PowerUps for Reclaiming Confidence

  • Video/Audio Course: FULFILLMENT

4 Things You Aren’t Doing That Keep You Dissatisfied

5 Things Extremely Fulfilled People Do That You Don’t

5 Practices of Wickedly Fulfilled People

Tips on How To Live a Truly Fulfilling Life

4 Ways Guaranteed To Keep Your Relationships Fulfilling

4 Practical Tips for Finding Fulfilling Work

4 Ways Having a Fulfilling Job Makes You Healthier

3 Tips for Making Your Work More Satisfying

5 Strategies to Living a Fulfilled Financial Life

4 Ways To Be More Fulfilled as a Parent

  • Video/Audio Course: Connecting with Nature

4 Benefits of Connecting With Nature

4 Key Reasons Why You Should Reconnect with Nature Starting Today

3 Ways to Reconnect to Your Self by Reconnecting with Nature

4 Simple Tips for Reconnecting With Nature

Tips for Getting Grounded to Perform at Your Best

3 Reasons Why We Need to Teach our Kids to Connect with Nature

4 Ways to Encourage Children to Have Fun and Connect with Nature

4 Effortless Ways to Connect With Nature in 15 Minutes or Less

4 Easy Ways to Connect with Nature When You Live in the City

Using Technology to Help Us Reconnect with Nature





MOPPh’s MOBILE HOME MENTAL HEALTH TREATMENT SERVICE … an alternative to hospitalization and institutionalization

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24/7 InfoText Hotline: +63 919.001.3197




Signs and Symptoms of Stress


Cognitive Distortions


Emotions versus Feelings

What Emotions Feel Like in the Physical Body


Suicide Warning Signs


Daily Self-Care Checklist

How to Stop Negative Self Talk

Insomnia Tips

Ways to Live Free from Fear

Inspirational Quotes About Letting Go


What Not To Say When Helping Another

Truly Live, Not Just Exist

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