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Problems Have Advantages

problems have advantages

Problems have advantages. Ordinarily, we view problems in a negative way. They blocks your goals. They make you feel unhappy. Yet problems have a positive aspect. They give you certain kinds of good advantages. If you are to look at them more closely, problems provide you with opportunities. Yes, opportunities for your own good. When Sylvester lost his job during the start of the pandemic, he encountered a number of financial stresses. His cash flow began to dwindle. His unpaid credit card bills were piling up as the months go by.Because of the losses and uncertainty of the situation, Sylvester was starting to panic and losing sleep. He found himself on the verge of developing serious mental health problems on top of what he already had on his plate. That’s when he’s given opportunity to learn and grow. The problems tested his gifts and integrity.With his exercise of faith, patience, and resourcefulness, he’s able to build a new business and overcome. Sylvester didn’t like the money mishap and the other associated problems. But they’re  necessary if he’s to be a better and more successful, balanced person.  Dr. David Jeremiah writes,  “Problems in our lives make us sensitive to the problems of others … They provide us with opportunities if we will but look for them. They promote spiritual maturity if we let them make us better instead of bitter. They prove our integrity, produce a sense of dependency, and prepare our hearts for ministry. God allows problems so that we can learn and grow. We don’t like them, but they are necessary if we are to grow and change. Don’t run from the pressures God wants to use to make you His perfect example of Christlikeness.”  Problems have advantages. Make it work for you.


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