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Money Problems and Mental Health

Money problems and mental health. They often go together.

Most of the catastrophes that happen to people nowadays have something to do with money.

money problems
Money Problems?

Bankruptcy. Economic recession. Debts. Hunger. Poverty. Overspending. Unemployment. 

The list is endless. And its associated mishaps can touch every aspect of our lives. Such as, self-esteem, family, relationship with others, our sense of psychological safety, and many more.

This Covid, we face huge financial problems. Globally. Lots of people lose sleep or hope over it.

During the lockdown months, Rolly, a long time freelancer, incurred almost p500,000.00 in credit card debts due to scams and unavoidable family and work expenses.

When cash flow went downturn, Rolly found himself losing a lot of sleep and panicking.

That’s also when he started snapping at his wife and little kids, even with the slightest irritation.

He became severely depressed and turned to drinking.

Let me call it angst, too. Existential crisis when money gets scarce.

Attorney Stephen Pollan wrote a bestselling money mishap book entitled “Lifelines for Money Misfortunes.”

He writes,

“Since money is a blank slate, we can project on it all our neuroses. For some, money is self esteem or power; for others, money is love or control. We lose so much more sleep over money issues than we need to, not because we’re afraid of losing money, but because we’re afraid of losing esteem, power, love, or control. Money is just a totem for our deepest fears.”

To fully resolve our problems with money, we must understand first our irrational or dysfunctional relationship with it.

We must take ownership of the solution. Experts or resources may boost our recovery. Yet we need to do our part, too.

That involves not just the practical, financial recovery aspect. More so, it significantly involves the way our mind thinks too about money.




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