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I Lost My Iphone


I lost my iPhone in the mall yesterday.
I was paying for vitamins at Watsons with GCash.
Then, put it inside my little bag and went out.
A few minutes of walks through the holiday crowds
I noticed my phone is no longer inside my bag.
I got stressed! Running to and fro.
Even devastated a bit.
But even as I was feeling sorry for myself,
I realized that I’ve lost only a phone.

Many others have lost their lives or loved ones
Such as in the war between Israel and Hamas.
Still a lot others lost their health.
To cancer or some sickness.
One friend describes his wife as no longer the person he married.
In my sessions, I can be overwhelmed by how too many parents and families
Are shouldering heavy, tragic losses in life.

God has experienced losses too.
Jesus told about the parables of lost sheep, lost coin, lost son
To describe His compassion for lost people.
God also understands the anguish of being rejected.
Of losing people He loves and His longing
To have them back.
He’s the Father staring out the window for the return of a lost child.

How should we respond to loss?
Grieve, we may never have it again.
But always in the hope – simply knowing
In ways we cannot understand, that all things
Will be made right or turn to good for those
Who are called and loved by Him.
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