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A Loneliness Epidemic

Loneliness Epidemic? Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, public-health experts were concerned about an epidemic of loneliness in the U.S

Loneliness is not pleasant to talk about. Nor is it a nice feeling to experience.

Some studies show that continual loneliness can lead to inflammation, which makes the body susceptible to numerous illnesses. 

This time of the Coronavirus globally, the experience of loneliness is universal.

But it also has become enormous. 

The ongoing rise of infections, deaths, and resultant lockdowns is one hint of a possible worsening loneliness epidemic.

According to a 9-year study done in the University of California, loneliness has a greater impact on the death rate than smoking, drinking, eating, or exercise.

The study also found that people without spouses or friends had a death rate twice as high as those with social ties.

True also this present time of the pandemic?

Looks it’s more likely.

Loneliness is emotion. But in its acute and unrelieved form, its effects are not confined to emotion.

If we are to watch the news and those people struggling with the Covid crisis, loneliness can be one major source of its most painful physical repercussions.

So, for this reason alone, loneliness – a common psychotherapy issue – must be viewed as a serious health hazard.

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